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Dec 23, 2020

Codependent overgiving feels icky and exhausting.  But did you know that energetically sensitive people are more vulnerable to codependent dynamics?  In addition to all the psychological reasons, the child who is sensitive to energy feels other people’s unhappiness.  And, since we don’t train people in managing energetics, often the child has no way to tell whether the anger or fear is theirs or coming from someone they’re connected to.  Trying to control everything so you can keep everyone around you happy can be a childhood survival strategy as well as enlightened self-interest.


Congratulations on being an adult survivor of childhood!  As an adult you have so many more choices for meeting needs around safety, comfort, and connection that are more holistic. 

In addition, those who express the Archetype of the Healer (professionally or personally) often need to provide this aspect with adult supervision to prevent overgiving, care-taking, and personal depletion.  I see many professional practitioners for whom an authentic vocational calling to healing work is entwined with codependency, leaving them depleted and resentful.

Learn more about this dynamic and how to relate to people in a cleaner, more successful fashion.

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