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Learn simple ways connect with your intuitive wisdom and weave your personal power and magic into everyday life. As a former engineer with 20 years of experience working as a shamanic practitioner, Katie Weatherup draws on both the practical and the mystical. Find your way back to yourself while improving your health, relationships, and money results.

Aug 18, 2021

It’s powerful to define what the minimum is for enough in any area.  What do you need to have enough money, enough health, to be a good enough parent, to be socially skilled enough?  What would it mean if you were slim enough or liked enough or had done enough for the day? 

No matter how much we achieve, the instincts don’t ever switch into telling us we now have enough money, safety, or status.  So, pragmatically defining what is good enough in these areas can give you freedom and clarity about where to put your efforts in life.  To be clear, I don’t mean defining where you are as automatically “enough,” but rather, having an attainable evaluation of enough against which you can compare your results.  For example, currently in my business I make enough money to thrive without struggle and have life circumstance that are extremely supportive.  I’m not wealthy, but it’s enough.  More money sounds lovely, but would likely not make an appreciable difference in my happiness at this point.

Likewise, recently all my tests from my annual checkup with my doctor came back normal.  Which means to me that the combined effect of all my lifestyle choices is good enough for sustainable health at this time in my life.

This podcast contains some of my best wisdom for moving away from unhealthy perfectionism and unsustainable over-achieving that doesn’t lead to happiness.  And, if something needs tending, this will help you have the energy to bring to solving the actual problem.

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