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Tap into your intuitive wisdom and unlock the potential for magic in everyday life.  Reignite your personal power! With Katie Weatherup, a former engineer-turned-shamanic practitioner with more than 20 years of experience, you can achieve spiritual fulfillment and while upleveling your practical results in health, relationships, and money! Join me each month for a new episode that will help you to discover the most fulfilled version of yourself.

Apr 5, 2023

I had a journey some years ago wherein my guides talked to me about ways I was using my will and magic to stabilize things in my life that had run their course out of a fear of and resistance to change.  They shared ways it was limiting the life I would live and asked me to make a choice about this aspect.

In this podcast, I talk about ways to catch when we’re doing this and how our instincts can cause our mind to rationalize remaining committed to an unstainable course of action.  I give some advice about making choices and getting present with when to choose again.  I share a lot about my own self-inflicted pain when I haven’t done a good job with this.  I also talk about using our intention to ask our guides to help things to come out well on the other side when we travel through take apart times.

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