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Tap into your intuitive wisdom and unlock the potential for magic in everyday life.  Reignite your personal power! With Katie Weatherup, a former engineer-turned-shamanic practitioner with more than 20 years of experience, you can achieve spiritual fulfillment and while upleveling your practical results in health, relationships, and money! Join me every three weeks for new episodes that will help you to discover the best version of yourself.

Jul 19, 2020

I'd love to share some of my guides’ best wisdom for navigating anxiety and the activation of the fight or flight system. Dropping the everyday baseline of our stress and anxiety is one of the most powerful things we can do for our physical health. It’s also one of the most powerful ways to connect with our deeper soul wisdom because when fears get loud, we can't hear our deeper guidance or find clarity. Many people are so acclimated to anxiety, they don’t realize how much harm it is actually doing. I’d love to give you a map for how to change this! With some focused work in the beginning to make a shift, you’ll find that much less effort and focus are needed in your life going forward to provide this system with the adult supervision it requires in order not to run amok. 

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