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Tap into your intuitive wisdom and unlock the potential for magic in everyday life.  Reignite your personal power! In this shamanism podcast, with Katie Weatherup, a former engineer-turned-shamanic practitioner with more than 20 years of experience, you can achieve spiritual fulfillment and while upleveling your practical results in health, relationships, and money! Join me each month for a new episode that will help you to discover the most fulfilled version of yourself.  Enjoy the Practical Shamanism Podcast today!

Mar 4, 2021

Many of the people I know and work with are souls that have incarnated a number a times.  Sometimes souls have a go to archetype.  But often, with many incarnations, we have a number of archetypes that we have explored and embodied and can engage at will.  People generally have a lot more delight, passion, and commitment when they are getting to actualize a preferred archetype.  This is useful to know because sometimes our favorite archetypes need a bit of adult supervision.  The expression can be so joyful and engaging that we lose discernment about whether it’s the right time and place for a given expression.  For example, the unsupervised warrior archetype may escalate conflict rather than move forward in collaboration.  Or the archetype of the healer may lead one to over-give in an unsustainable way.

It can be confusing when you have a number of authentic archetypes and abilities to pick a career path or use of your time and talent.  We have this sort of myth of the one true soul purpose based on some individuals that do authentically engage in the world in that way.  But, for many of us, there are a lot of archetypes and sometimes ones we really love are best kept to minimal expression.

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