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Sep 30, 2020

My guides have often illuminated the richness and beauty of the soul experience of being transgender.  There’s also deep compassion regarding the harm that prejudiced human frameworks cause.  There are good reasons a soul may opt to come into a body which has a biological sex that is different from the individual’s gender.  Sometimes the soul’s plan doesn’t go as elegantly as hoped for or the discomfort is much greater than anticipated.  Sometimes the soul’s goal is activism.  Sometimes it’s about mastery in the less familiar form of magic and energy work that is more aligned with the energy body of a man or a woman even though that’s in opposition to the soul’s gender identity and affinity.  In any of these cases, a person may find themselves navigating a tension between the soul’s gender and the body’s birth sex.  Sometimes, it can be supportive to realign the energy body to the correct gender configuration matching that of the soul rather than the human biology.  Also, learning to move in sexuality in a manner aligned with gender, regardless of anatomy, creates space for a freer, fuller, and more aligned expression.

This is by no means a comprehensive discussion on the subject, just some frameworks that I’ve seen from the transgender clients I’ve had the honor to support.  I apologize for any misused terms or incorrect language in talking about this subject.  I incorrectly used “gender” when the correct term would have been “sex” in several places. In addition, the most up to date language changes quickly and I have more of an engaged and curious layperson level of education about the social justice conversations regarding transgender issues rather than expertise, so I may well have made other errors as well.  I hope you’ll grant me grace.  And, if you’re someone who would be hurt by incorrectly used terms or language, please don’t listen to this episode, since the last thing I would ever want to do is cause distress.

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