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Jun 9, 2021

In the past, humans have specialized in different life experiences.  As a result, many people came into this lifetime with extraordinary mastery in one or more areas.  Often this shows up as chakras that are able to function in amazing and nuanced ways.  But the flip side is that most of us have less healthy, developed, or engaged chakras as well.  And these are the areas of life where we experience struggle, lack of interest, and underfuctioning.

Everyone likes to do things they’re good at, that come easily, and for which they have an affinity.  But, cultivating a capacity and discipline to be okay enough at all the important areas of life is key.  If your soul focused on a spiritual life in past lives, you may need to put some work into getting competent with the secular aspect of life like acquiring and managing money.

This modern configuration of the world can be an amazing gift in that it gives us so much access to learning and training and such a full spectrum life with so much space to choose and even choose again.  But, it can also be uncomfortable not to be effortlessly good at something.  In this podcast, you’ll learn more about the chakra system and how it applies to this.  And about cultivating a growth mindset in your approach to life.  My hope is that you will view your unskillful areas with gentleness and that will create space to engage enough to give you full spectrum quality of life.

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