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Tap into your intuitive wisdom and unlock the potential for magic in everyday life.  Reignite your personal power! With Katie Weatherup, a former engineer-turned-shamanic practitioner with more than 20 years of experience, you can achieve spiritual fulfillment and while upleveling your practical results in health, relationships, and money! Join me each month for a new episode that will help you to discover the most fulfilled version of yourself.

Feb 1, 2023

One of the best uses of our psychic abilities isn’t so much about seeing the world around us, but navigating the world within.  We can use our gifts to track what’s going on with ourselves on the subtle levels.  I often find for myself and my clients that unfavorable results are the result of an adversarial relationship between different parts of the self.  We can learn to be a wise mediator such that we come into a collaboration between our various aspects.  In the modern era, we need all of our chakras at full functionality and playing for the same team.

I’ve long applied this work to keeping my fight or flight system baseline in a calm place.  More recently, I’ve started using this approach to have a talk with my brain about re-wiring chronic pain circuits that are related to a long-ago injury from which the tissue damage has healed. 

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